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    Employee Benefits & Wellness Solutions Track

100s Introductory

EB130W Introduction to Workplace Wellness (2 CEU credits)
EB141W Essentials of consumer driven healthcare: The nuts and bolts of HSAs (2 CEU credits)
EB151W Introduction to benefits administration I: Implementing new hire benefits and key benefit concepts (2 CEU credits)
EB152W Introduction to benefits administration II: Administering employee changes, payroll and tax considerations and more (2 CEU credits)

200s Advanced

EB201W Using biometrics to incentivize employee wellness (2 CEU credits)
EB205W Principles of self funding (1.5 CEU credits)
EB211W Surviving COBRAs bite: Day-to-day COBRA administration (2 CEU credits)
EB221W Consumerism and health reimbursement arrangements: A new frontier (2 CEU credits)
EB230W Cafeteria plan administration (2 CEU credits)

300s Special Events

EB380W Introduction to AFGs WorkLife Connection benefit administration solution (0 CEU credits)
EB390W Introduction to Associated Market Advantage (0 CEU credits)
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